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I promise I'm not as dark as I seem



Please feel free to call me Lynn! I promise I don't bite (unless you like that kinda thing then hehe)

Anyway, I'm a fangirl and on this random page, I tend to post a little of everything! I also post my art every once in a blue moon, as well as random dabbles about my Subway filled life!

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So thanks for stopping by and don't be afraid to drop me a holla! Also, need to get my attention? I track the tags:

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Background Image By Jackhercy

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin | Requested by mahkoto & xopanda-love

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I love video games. I love video games a lot.

I am terrible at video games.

I need more practice. But I still like it.

Finally able to move around without much pain. So here’s an out door selfie!


it’s a super satisfying feeling when you finally finish a project that’s been sitting for weeks x3


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge x Voltage Inc. Fanart
Be My Princess: Wilfred & Claude

Should I do Claude’s revenge?

and-beastly suggested other artist do this challenge, so here’s mine!
Check out and-beastly’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Art here: [x]

I urge all artist in the fandom to do this ALS Challenge as well (: 

My take on the ALS challenge. I here by nominate all the artist in the voltage fandom!


I heard it was Shark Week.

N-no more w-wet d-dog s-smell.. QAQ

Anonymous said: Your art has gotten better!

(´・ω・`) thanks!

When you mess up while inking


9 Day Free!: Eternal Summer Challenge
Day 3
→ Favorite Smile • Tachibana Makoto

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